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Dana & Baledi Oman Oman Eggs were typically an Omani product and the quality certification from SGS for ISO 22000:2018 , ISO 14001:2015 & HACCP, emphasis the fact that MPF is quality conscious in every aspect of the production. MPF has consolidated its position as the leading Omani Egg producer through its constant efforts to add value to its products. The milestone in the process of growth is the achievement of ISO certifications and HACCP implementation. The benefits of adopting the quality systems help Dana to join the global league of standardized process to deliver fresh and nutritious to the consumers within 24 hours of production.

  • ISO 22000:2018 – FSMS(Food Safety Management System) certification for Food safety Management is to ensure that all systems are adheres to food safety operations, right from procurement of raw materials to delivering the products to the end users.
  • MPF has also implemented the ISO14001:2015 relating to Environmental Management system, to ensure energy conservation, environmental protection, reduction of wastage recycling etc. at its farm in Barka.
  • MPF’s HACCP (Hazard analysis and Critical Control Programme) is a step towards assuring the consumer that the products are of highest quality and stringent food quality and hygiene is maintained in the production process, delivering high quality products to consumers.

The SGS certifications emphasis the quality oriented growth that MPF has visualized and maintained in the production of Eggs. The farm has various bio-security measures in place to make sure that the birds are in a healthy and hygienic environment. Regular maintenance and cleaning is carried out to ensure that sanitation measures are in place for both the workers and the birds. Implementing the ISO14001 brings in the Environmental Management System at MPF and ensures energy conservation by saving fuel. Also the amount of wastage is reduced by the process of recycling that is implementing in the farm.