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Safety & Hygiene

Understanding and communicating safe food practices is now known to be essential to the continued health of our entire society. For the consumer, food safety involves prudent food purchases, sanitary food preparation and safe food preservation.

Safe & Hygienic production of eggs:

In MPF, we always to seek ways to provide maximum protection for both our consumers and workers.

In order to ensure the safety of Dana & Baledi Oman Oman brands available in markets, the company’s strategy is based on interest in the poultry farm from the date of receival of day old chicks until the fresh eggs reach the hands of consumer. The chicks arriving from Netherlands/ UAE are subject to a medical examination through competent authorities and are transported to farm premise in specially equipped thermo controlled trucks.

The chicks are reared in cages provided with feed, water & necessary vaccinations as per local regulations needed for normal growth, as well as periodic inspections are conducted to ensure compliance with the Poultry safety standards. The blood samples are analyzed regularly to monitor the health of birds and to produce safe eggs.

The eggs are transferred to the grading machine through tunnel conveyors where the eggs are graded based on weight. Individual eggs are monitored by camera for the external & internal quality parameters and are automatically rejected if any deviation in quality. The grading machine is installed with Crack detector, Brown detector & Blood detector which detect them automatically. Another specialty is the external shell sterilization using UV disinfection, which means all the eggs are been sterilized externally before packing.

After the eggs are graded, dates are printed with food grade inks on the shell, and then packed in different packages and stored in Cold room between 4 – 10 deg C. The eggs are distributed to the market by the in housed thermo controlled trucks.

MPF had obtained the International Food safety Management system Certificate to provide safe & hygienic eggs to all the consumers.


The farm has various bio-security measures in place to make sure that the birds are in a healthy and hygienic environment. Regular maintenance and cleaning is carried out to ensure that sanitation measures are in place for both the workers and the birds.

Implementing the ISO14001 brings in the Environmental Management System at MPF and ensures energy conservation by saving fuel. Also the amount of wastage is reduced by the process of recycling that is implemented in the farm.

MPF strictly adheres to the bio security principles. It has been installed with Vehicle spray & wheel dip through which even all the internal vehicles have to pass through. We have also installed the human disinfection tunnel to sterilize the human entry.