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Employee Relations

Since the inception of the company under the slogan of ''Fresh, High Quality, and Oman product’' it was important to create an environment marked by understanding and cooperation amongst the staff of MPF. This environment encourages goodwill, motivates staff to improve the quality of work, and enhances the spirit of teamwork.

MPF's aim is to develop employees' capabilities, so that they can give their best to the company, establish equality between each other, and give them the opportunity to develop and streamline their work and activities. In order to keep the employees well informed, a Code of Ethics was produced by MPF's Human Resources and Administration Division. This has clarified regulations regarding working relationships and service conditions. It also states the ethical standards and conduct that should be followed by the staff for the purpose of creating a healthy, productive and balanced environment.

MPF cares for its employees and ensures that all the resources meet their needs, so that they can perform and deliver efficiently. Consultation, support and advice are also available to all staff should any issues arise.