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Who are we

Modern Poultry Farms Company. SAOC (MPF), the producer of DANA & Baledi Oman Oman Eggs, is the largest egg producer in the Sultanate of Oman. Founded in 1989, MPF prides itself on a widespread distribution network, effective brand marketing, innovation and commitment to quality.

MPF’s popularity has been growing steadily, year after year, both in Oman and in the GCC. It has expanded its production of fresh eggs over the last few years and currently produces more than 180 million eggs per annum.

Dana & Baledi Oman Oman Eggs produced by the MPF originates from the farms in Wadi Al Ma’awal, near Barka, which is characterized by high standards of hygiene. The birds are imported from UAE & Europe, as day old chicks and reared to maturity in ideal, clean, closed, climate-controlled environment, taking care of all bio-security measures.

MPF has gained popularity and became one of the best-known companies that produce fresh eggs. The feed as recommended by the chick and technology supplier is produced by MPF’s parent company, Oman Flour Mills Company S.A.O.G. The feeds are 100 per cent vegetarian, purely consisting of Corn and Soya meals with added vitamins and minerals.

MPF ensures proper health management of the flocks by strictly following approved vaccination programmes against poultry diseases. The farm currently has 18 Laying Houses & 6 Rearing Houses and produces around 0.5 million eggs per day.

The eggs are graded, packed and delivered every day to destinations across Oman and to neighboring GCC countries including UAE & Qatar. The production stamp printed with Food grade ink on the day the eggs are laid, ensuring that Dana & Baledi Oman Oman eggs are farm fresh and thereafter high in quality, taste and nutrition.